Passival Bottle of 175 ml


Passival- Syrup bottle 175 ml

  • Remedy for anxiety and insomnia;
  • Prepared with extracts of plants whose properties have been known for thousands of years and recognized by science that in its evolution has been able to confirm the medicinal action without toxicity.

Our product “Passival“, in the two packages syrup and tablets, is an excellent sedative of the nervous system whose components, all very well known, complete the action making it a very active healing product in the disorders of menopause, insomnia of adults and children and in all states of anxiety that sometimes are also cause of rashes.
For this last pathology it is recommended to be informed also by dermatologists.
Thanks to the presence of lemon balm, the product can also be recommended in convulsive coughs as antispasmodic.
It is advisable to get information from pediatricians, gynecologists, dermatologists, geriatricians and general practitioners.

Emotional state and nutrition

Considering the existing relationships between emotional state and nutrition, especially during childhood, we wish to highlight the positive influence that can exert the administration of plant sedatives –Passival- 175 ml syrup bottle– in particular with regard to abnormalities related to growth, which may result from states of nervous restlessness, hyperkinetic, erectile and anorexic children. The assumption of plant sedatives –Passival- syrup bottle 175 ml- can favorably influence the psychophysical balance and weight gain without causing damage.




Passival – syrup bottle


Recommendations for use:

Adults: 2 teaspoons per day before bedtime
Children: 2 teaspoons per day before bedtime


Demineralized water;
Fluid extract of Passionflower: The sedative action of Passionflower, reported for the first time in 1867 by Phares, was later clinically confirmed by Stapleton who found it useful in all cases of insomnia in which the obstacle to sleep was due to cerebral excitation. Renon used it with success in states of anxiety and in particular in the so-called war anxiety. Leclerc boasted the efficiency of Passiflora in fighting menopausal disorders and insomnia which frequently occurs during the convalescence of infectious diseases and in particular in grippe; according to researchers Passiflora would have the great advantage of provoking a sleep similar to the physiological one and a quick and complete awakening.
Hawthorn: the parts used are the flowering tops. the substance physiologically more active contained in hawthorn is the crategic acid that acts on arterial pressure and on coronary arteries as a vaso
dilator. It has a calming action on the nervous system, in fact hawthorn decreases excitability and obtains good results in the congestive disorders of menopause and in atherosclerotic patients whose cardiac heretism causes excessive emotionality.
Chamomile: the parts used are the heads and the detached flowers. Most of phytotherapy scholars stated that the active principles of chamomile are represented by azulene (chamazulene) and by camillin; the first one has an antiphlogistic action and, the second one, has a slight spasmolytic action.
Lemon balm: the parts used are leaves and flowering tops. Properties of this plant are: antisteric, antispasmodic, aromatic, tonic-stematic, carminative.
Mint: the parts used are the leaves. Properties: antiseptic, calming, aromatic, thirst quenching, tonic, carminative, corrective.
Hop: it is a sedative and nervous balancer, used in association with Lemon Balm and Hawthorn as a soothing agent for whooping cough or dry cough with excellent results.
Orange flavor;
Acidifier (citric acid).



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