Eurogel- Food supplement- 10 stick pack


Eurogel – Food supplement

  • EUROGEL is a high energy natural food containing pure lyophilized royal jelly;
  • Used to increase immune defenses and lack of appetite for adults and children;
  • EUROGEL is a strong energy because at the base of the composition there is a dose of pure royal jelly that, as is known, has special properties that give the body significant benefits by bringing valuable energy. People who are no longer young have found in its constant use a remedy to those disorders with which the years make them feel their weight. Children who suffered from lack of appetite have taken Eurogel with enthusiasm, also because of its pleasant taste, and have resumed normal nutrition;
  • Thanks to its components, EUROGEL favors the development of young people, gives an energy boost to convalescents, athletes, exhausted subjects from overwork;
  • EUROGEL is advisable in all ages as a food supplement both in a normal diet and in diets imposed by disease or particular conditions of the body. Being a natural food has no contraindications and can be administered for a long time;
  • NB: the content of the vial may appear opalescent because the product is not subjected to filtration in order to maintain authenticity. This opalescence does not constitute an alteration of the product;


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Eurogel – Food supplement


Packaging: box of 10 drinkable stick packs of 7 ml.

Advice for use:

  • Adults: from 3 to 5 stick packs per day;
  • Children: from 1 to 3 stick pack per day or as needed.


Freeze-dried Royal Jelly: a precious substance elaborated and produced by the very young bees (from the 5th to the 12th day of their existence.). In the chemical composition of royal jelly have been identified: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin H, Vitamin PP
Yeast flakes: The presence of brewer’s yeast, with its high content of group “B” vitamins, makes the product widely used for youthful acne and hair loss.

Wheat germ: rich in Vitamin E:
Fructose-based sweetening syrup: The integration of fructose, in addition to making the product more pleasant, allows its administration to diabetics;
Sweet Orange Flavor.


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