Gimnesnel- Natural product- Box of 60 tablets


Gimnesnel – Natural product

  • GIMNESNEL is a natural product whose properties are indicated in the adjuvant treatment of overweight and obesity.
  • GIMNESNEL contains many advantages in the treatment of overweight because it contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight without excessive dietary restrictions and, at the same time, determines an improvement in liver and kidney function.


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Gimnesnel- Natural product


Packaging: box containing 60 tablets.


  • Adults: 2 tablets 2 times a day before meals.


GYMNEMA SILVESTRIS is known for its cholesterol-lowering activity and its ability to modify the functionality of the taste buds and inhibit the taste for sweet. The parts used are the leaves. Main components: Gymnemic acids (gymnemic and deacylgymnemic acids); Gymnemagenins (saponins derived from gymnemic acids); Gymnemasins (triterpene saponins); gurmarin (peptide); pectins. Pharmacological activity: hypoglycemic activity; hypocholesterolemic activity; reduction of sweet taste perception.
CHITOSANE is a natural substance that is obtained by extraction and then deacetylation of the shell of some marine crustaceans and zooplacton. It has the property of greatly increasing the physiological elimination of fats with the expulsion of feces without changing the absorption of minerals and vitamins ingested with food and therefore facilitates the reduction of body weight. In a recent investigation it was also witnessed a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol among subjects taking Chitosan.
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA contains hydroxycitrate, an organic compound that has long been studied as a regulator of appetite as it increases the swelling action of chitosan giving a greater sense of satiety.
ORTHOSIPHON has the property of decreasing the retention of water by tissue colloids. Orthosiphon also activates the functionality of the specific elements of the kidney because another of its properties is to stimulate significantly the total urogenesis and then activate the dissolution more or less complete cholesterinic deposits.
GLUCOMANNAN is a soluble fiber so it has the ability to absorb liquids in the gastrointestinal tract for which it is considered particularly suitable to increase the sense of satiety.





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