Osteosan – prevent osteoporosis – pack of 24 capsules


Osteosan – prevent osteoporosis

  • Remedy for calcium and vitamin D3 deficiency.
  • Due to its carefully researched composition, our product “Osteosan” is recommended for preventing and slowing down physiological osteopenia. The treatment with a natural product, towards which the interest of users is increasing, aims not only to provide the body with the necessary minerals and vitamins, but also to be easily assimilated and without harmful side effects due to its prerogative as a natural product.

Brief notes on osteoporosis

The evolution of bone mass in the course of life is inevitable. The bone, experts explain, is continuously renewed through a process of construction-destruction that is called “bone remodeling”. In younger years, constructive activity prevails, then destructive activity begins to prevail. In particular for women, pregnancies and especially menopause contribute to make osteoporosis a phenomenon that is anything but negligible.

Osteoporosis – the thinning of bone tissue with thinning of the spongy tissue – usually begins around the age of 40 and can lead to fractures, spinal deformities (osteomalacia) and vertebral collapse. The most common causes of osteoporosis are: insufficient intake of calcium, silicon and Vit.




Osteosan- prevent osteoporosis


Packaging: box of 24 capsules.

Advice for Use:

We recommend 3 capsules per day that allow a supplementation according to the RDA values. (Recommended Dietary Allowances)


Fossil Coral has been included for the numerous minerals it contains: some are present in considerable quantities others in trace amounts. In particular, Calcium is the mineral contained in a predominant measure and it is also the one most needed by the organism because, besides constituting 99% of bone mass and teeth, it takes part in numerous activities. Another mineral to highlight is silicon that contributes to the architecture and elasticity of connective tissue, intervening in the prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis. The minerals present in fossil corals are bioavailable and this is guaranteed by the fact that many bone substitutes used in orthopedic surgery are of coral origin.
Equisetum, known as “horsetail”, is a plant widespread in Italy and Europe. It has a remineralizing action due to its high content of calcium and silicon. Baobab is a tree native to central Africa where it is called “pharmacist tree”. In fact the fruit of this plant represents a natural source of essential nutritional principles, in particular of substances with antioxidant action among which stand out Provitamin A and Vit. This action has the ability to counteract free radicals.
The natural Vitamin D3 (500.000 Ul/gr) included in the composition of the product, is extracted from concentrated oil of blue fish (sardines). It is now established by research that many types of blue fish contain not only “omega 3” – unsaturated acids essential to prevent and treat various diseases – but also Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency, as it is well known, is mainly found in people who are getting old and it is manifested by a reduction of bone density, joint pains and consequent debilitation. It is therefore necessary to introduce in the body this vitamin also because it has the capacity to stimulate calcium absorption.


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