Euroton- tonic-stimulant supplement pack of 24 capsules


Euroton – natural product

EUROTON, for its composition, is an energy tonic that helps to address the problem of physical and mental fatigue and states of weakness in general. It is particularly indicated in cases of depression, asthenia, mental activity prolonged over time. Useful supplement for sportsmen and for the treatment of male and female sterility.

Stress, according to statistics, affects 70% of the population, in itself is not a pathology but when it is continuous or high intensity can be harmful to health, as characterized by physical and mental fatigue. It is felt as an irresistible need to rest with a decrease in memory, attention, concentration and a lower qualitative and quantitative performance. Sometimes a poor resistance to the most trivial infections is also observed as a consequence.

The daily intake of a tonic-stimulant supplement helps to solve these problems without resorting to psychostimulant substances that can induce serious phenomena of dependence. In the product “EUROTON” are associated herbs recognized as natural energy boosters.







Euroton – tonic-stimulant supplement – natural product


Recommendations for use:

Adults:2 capsules daily;
Children: 1 capsule per day;


  • Withania somnifera is a plant from a few years introduced in Italy and is cultivated in warm climates. Known in India also under the name of Ashwagandha is an energizing and revitalizing tonic, widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, “the science of life”, to boost health and longevity. Its name means “horse smell” precisely because of the vigor and vitality of a racehorse. It is useful to fight diseases, states of debilitation and lack of vitality in the elderly, and also validly affects the sexual sphere. It is mainly used for some male conditions such as impotence and sterility and in women to treat sterility and infertility. Withania somnifera is therefore destined to occupy an important place among the herbal remedies indicated to help our organism to face the most diverse situations of stress associated to the modern lifestyle.
  • Maca: perennial plant of Peruvian origin, the part used is the root. It has been known since the times of the Incas especially for its energetic and aphrodisiac qualities, so much to be known as Peruvian Ginseng. Because of its nutritional power (it contains amino acids, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts) it increases energy reserves promoting a state of general wellbeing and contributing to the maintenance of physical vigor and mental lucidity.
  • Muira Puama: it is a plant which grows in the Amazonian forest.
    In 1925 was conducted and published a pharmacological study which showed its effectiveness against some disorders of the nervous system and the fall of sexual desire.
    Ginseng: aromatic plant known as the “root of life”, and originating from Korea. Its properties, pretty well known, are those of giving greater resistance to fatigue, hunger and thirst. To these are to be added the properties of aphrodisiac and stimulating intellectual faculties.
  • Damiana: plant originating from Tropical America.
    Sexual and aphrodisiac tonic, according to tradition it is also an excellent stimulant in cases of fatigue and psychic exhaustion.
    It is therefore useful to increase and maintain psychophysical performance.
  • Rhodiola rosea: native to Russia and Asia has been used in traditional Eurasian medicine for almost three hundred years as a tonic. It is an adaptogen, increases physical and mental resistance and is useful to improve the body’s defenses especially in stress situations, because it regulates the hormonal responses of the body and stimulates the transport of serotonin precursors in the brain.


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